What Is The Elite Networker?

The Elite Networker Is The First System Of It's Kind. Founded By Top Marketing Professionals, Dave Lear and Jordan Wright, The Elite Networker Was Designed To Provide You With Essential Tools And Training That Teach You The Inside Secrets Of Online Marketing, So You Can Succeed In Any Venture Anywhere!

Additionally, The Elite Networker Is An Incredibly Powerful, Community, List Builder, and Affiliate Program. By Simply Sharing This Website Presentation With Others Who Enroll, You Can Begin Earning Instant Income While You Help Others Learn To Succeed. Sharing Value, Like What You Find Inside The Elite Networker, Will Have People Following you As A Thought Leader And Important Connection In Their Entrepreneurial Journey.






Dave Lear Started in the Home Based Business industry in 1993 and Has been earning a full-time income from his involvement in various companies for over a decade. Dave and Jordan Wright crossed paths on the internet about six years ago and have been working together for the past 4 years now. In any of the companies they have promoted over the last 4 years they were able to achieve millions of dollars in sales and excelled to the top of the company in a matter of a few short months.

During this time it really bothered them that most people were unable to achieve the massive success they were creating for themselves, so they created a Team training site where they could effectively train everybody via video tutorials as to exactly what they should be doing on a daily basis to grow their business. After being let down by several companies over the years they decided: " Why not create a company where we will provide a ton of value, training, tools, and personal development coaching that people can use to explode whatever company they are with..."



Beautiful & Powerful

You will have the following powerful networking tools at your disposal that will help you earn 24/7, around the globe!

  • Social Media
  • Free Back Office Contact Manager
  • Free Web Site Presentation System
  • You Tube, Facebook, Blog Marketing Training
  • Free Training and Support
  • Skype Marketing Training
  • Access To Lead Traffic Vendors

More Features

Get Motivated and Trained with your Mini Franchise Success System and Team Mentor who will introduce you to your Websites

As a Founding Leader you will be paid to... Discover, Educate and Create New Business Leaders who will bring Opportunity for the people around the world. This company was put together by a group of marketing professionals with one purpose: To Overcome the #1 Challenge in Network Marketing RECRUITING



The Elite Networker Affiliates Get INSTANT 100% Commissions

Starting Your Own Business

Imagine a home-based business designed with you in mind. Let's face it; between work, family, and many other important obligations, the thought of starting your own business can be daunting. Yet at the same time, everyone dreams of having control over their independence and income potential. The Elite Networker makes joining easy! Our number one goal is to help you overcome the number one challenge in Network Marketing, recruiting. We do this by teaching you simple ways to market and close your sales. This makes it easy for every member to earn commissions and The Elite Networker has a powerful plan that pays out 100% back to our Affiliates INSTANTLY.

Furthermore, The Elite Networker's extensive support system is here 24/7 to help you succeed in your efforts. You will be provided with a personal website, and have a top-notch marketing system at your fingertips. You’ll also enjoy being tutored by highly qualified team members. Help will be readily available to you during every step of your journey toward financial independence.

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